“Unbelievable but true" is a statement often heard in connection with photography. Why? Because in this medium, time and space are real and true. Photography doesn’t lie and this becomes the authenticity, the strength and the unquestionable power of this art form. 

The viewer of this series of photos has to ask himself, “How does Gregor Törzs manage to shoot such amazing animal depictions, when it must be so impossibly difficult to control time and setting in the realm of nature to such an extent, where such perfectly composed pictures are the result?” The viewer will be so fascinated by the emotion and drawn into this inner, self created animal kingdom, that questions of its validity and truthfulness no longer matter. Authenticity prevails.

The picture fits. The viewer is under its spell.

That Gregor Törzs manages to practically rip space and time from its restraints, creating a private reality so authentic that we welcome it with verve into our own emotional world, is nothing short of amazing. His achievement lies in being able to create a new dimension of time and space, whose claim on authenticity is so perfectly aligned, that possible doubts of its validity are cleansed from the viewers’ mind. His perfectly balanced composition and the ability to capture the tension of the moment, while maintaining the visibility and integrity of the authentic “nature setting,” create stunningly beautiful and harmonious results.

With this series of works, Gregor Törzs sets foot on uncharted soil in the field of photography, but with admirable self-assurance and inner conviction. And if the viewer ventures on to read the artist's intentions, and learn of his  “on the scene” restraints as stated in this book, he will be fully convinced to have encountered a real “master of his art.”

Kaspar M. Fleischmann