About Gregor Törzs’ art. There it is. In a magical underwater world.
A gate made of metal. It has decorations like its effigies in Versailles.
But no prince, no king, no rock star will be strolling through. Instead,
majestically silent fish swim past. The gate watches helplessly. Robbed
of its power. The scenery is from the underwater series by photographer
Gregor Törzs. He starts where others fail. Törzs re-invented
the classic photographic technique of platinum print. In addition, the
artist, who lives in Berlin, developed an underwater camera that can
capture the landscapes of our seas in large-scale format. The result:
A world full of mystery and beauty and the constant reminder of the
wisdom of Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, who lived from 625 to
545 BC: “The principle of everything is water. Everything emerges from 
water, and returns to water.”  

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